The Beauty Of Seven Continents

There are nearly 400,000 species of flowering plants in the world—and depending on your location, flowers can carry different meanings. One thing is true across every region: Their natural beauty and resilience evoke appreciation and awe.

The Beauty of Seven Continents frames global migration as a universal narrative bound by the beauty of nature, which blooms without prejudice. Try on these beautiful crowns and see yourself entirely “accepted” by the flowers of these diverse continents. It does not matter what color your skin is and what language you speak; you are always home on any of your journeys. Nature does not have barriers and walls, does not have stereotypes: this is something that we should yet learn.

In creating these floral headpieces, each piece emphasized raw and natural flowers and shapes native to their region of origin. Taken collectively, they represent the notion that beauty is universal, transcending every language and culture.

The Unwrapped Art

The Unwrapped Art art project focuses on the topic of self-reflection. It features a mysterious people wrapped from head to toe in white fabric and wearing steam-punk style glasses. For this project, several famous photos were recreated to show new dimensions of the originals from the prism and perspective of