Faceless and the eyes reflect outside

It began.  It began white. It began as a white-wrapped shoulder. Then a white-wrapped hand.  Eventually, a white-wrapped entity. 

We are alyauntes. 

From the black and white photographs of our bound glory, to our goggles, suspiciously equal to a dragonfly’s eyes so that can we can see everything around us except what’s behind, we are quite possibly more than flesh and blood.

We are the avatars of Alya, her followers.  

And for now, you can see us on Instagram, @alyaunte

Alya told us that beneath our mask, there is an idea, and ideas are bulletproof. 

There were many questions asked as the photos of us blossomed into color, a processthat unveiled on the same paththe illusive Alya who flourishes with her music and lyrics, first played in her head, until she freed them. 

The music, revealed in snippets, is a combination of genres: modern pop, classical, ‘60s rock and roll, jazz, trip hop, classic opera, Japanese folk melodies. All wrapped around the idea, much like the white cloth is wrapped around us. 

Among us, we the alyauntes and Alya the artist,  are cunning ideas. “The alyauntes are a part of me as an artist, as a spirit,” says Alya of us.  “They represent myself, as if I would have the ability to transform into something else, and do whatever I want.”

We surround Alya, showing her how we see her and her artistic spirit. 

We are very symbolic and can be interpreted metaphorically: when you are wrapped, you are also unwrapped; there’s a freedom to be oneself and with those goggles to see the world through Alya’s eyes.  

Music encompasses the visuals, surrounding it, creating the full project, which is she explains is “not music, not art, but simultaneous exploration of everything she has worked for these past 9 years.”

The creative reveal of our work with Alya continues much like Dante’s circles of hell.  First there was her spirt, then the hunger to do something, and then the movement bolstered by signs that everything was right, in black and white then color, which remains for the life of the project in which we, as alyauntes, participate. 

And what happens, and who will be discovered when our white strips and goggles are torn away?

Only time will tell.