Ten Years of Solitude

It came when the time was right and I was ready. My first full-length album “Ten Years of Solitude” is out now. Ready to stream on all digital platforms.

As an independent artist I faced a lot of challenges on the bumpy road of the entertainment industry and it is truly a  very special day for me, a culmination of a decades long journey.  I am often asked why I decided to start something new after  being already successfully established as a journalist. I answer with the lines from Robert Frost  - "I took the one less traveled by,  And that has made all the difference.”

As an immigrant and a woman I have something to say and and a unique perspective to bring to the table. Today, I want to make a difference and I want my family to see the talents that they love me for, shine. I want to give my artistic dream a chance. 

Don’t judge Ten Years of Solitude  through the prism of the musical styles and genres. Judge it with your heart. It is a story about becoming an artist. It is not a business card. I have spent the last two years in the studio putting together this puzzle of self-acceptance.  Each song in the album has a story; they are each quite different and diverse, but together they carry a strong message - you can do it, even if you are just the only soldier in the field.

Ten Years of Solitude contains ten songs, one of them “Romano” is written and performed in Japanese. As part of a larger project, the album is also getting cassette and vinyl releases, that will be available later this winter.

When listened to through the AR ALYA Music App, the album can be experienced in a unique, visual, and artistic way.
Download, stream, dive in, and celebrate with me! 

am thrilled to announce my decision to support the philanthropic cause lead by a wonderful Russian woman @natasupernova. Her passion is inspiring.  All profits from my first album “Ten Years of Solitude” will go towards her Naked Heart Foundation and will directly impact their mission to help kids with special needs and learning disabilities.