A new phase of the Alya project has debuted on Instagram with revisions of famous images and masterpieces utilizing the alyauntes.  This development is called “Unwrapped art.”

The rollout began with a new version of the well-known John Lennon/Yoko Ono Rolling Stone cover, this one featuring Alya’s body encased by an alyaunte. Other recent works include the American Beauty film poster with an alyaunte covered in rose petals, as well as the Marilyn Monroe painting by Andy Warhol with the actress’ faces replaced by Alya’s white-wrapped icons. 

The idea for these new art works is Alya’s belief that there are fresh ways of understanding familiar images, much like reading a book over and over again and discovering something different every time. 

“I believe in art as a continuous and collaborative process,” Alya explains “Art is something that is never finished; there is always somebody who may bring something new, rethink it, add, co-develop, move it to the next level.  We are looking for something that correlates with us, with our inner selves, and we put ourselves in an environment that we think has room for another level of creativity."

These images are another dimension for the Alya project, which encompasses music, dance, art, philanthropy and social media—all different artistic technologies. 


Click below to visit the gallery. 

ALYA plays intimate show in Beverly Hills

This weekend another exclusive show took place in a heart of Beverly Hills, California.

ALYA and her alyauntes played songs from the upcoming album in front of their fans in a private mansion that is belong to Russian famous art collector.

After the concert guests were invited to see the ALYA's mini exhibit from "Unwrapped art" project.